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Please read this before contacting us.

  1. How can I get my own gallery?

  2. Click here for the details.

  3. Where can I find the password for the forum's chat?

  4. This password is not listed anywhere on the site; It is kept more or less as a "community secret". To get it, you'll have to ask any of the Global Moderators in the forum: If they trust you, they will give it to you. You would need to hang around a bit first (aka make several posts) before you would be trusted. You must be a member of the forum for at least 30 days, and to show you want to be a part of YA, you would need to make 100 meaningful posts. This may seem like a lot, but we have found that this is the only effective way to protect the chat from abuse.

  5. Can I put your stuff (art/videos/comics/etc) on my own site?

  6. No, please do not take any items off this site if your intention is to put them up for download on your own site. Now, under certain circumstances, there are a few things you CAN take (for more info, see next question below), but other than those, most of the stuff in this website should not be used without either our permission, or permission from the person or entity who originally created said item(s).

  7. What things can I take from your site?

  8. You can take up to 15 animations without asking for permission, for as long as you mention on your site that they came from YoshiArt.com. Also, you can use up to 15 Yoshi pics from this page only (and from that page only) for using them on non-Yoshi sites. (If you have a Yoshi site, you can still use and edit them for your site's layout). Short portions of the Super Mario episodes may be used for "YouTube Poops" or other similar videos (please do try to give us a little credit; After all, we're paying out of our own pocket to host these files for you). If you have a Mario site, then I may let you take a few extra things, BUT you still should contact the admins first before taking anything. Be sure to provide the URL to your site. I reserve the right to forbid certain individuals from using my stuff/content, and to remove it from wherever it was posted, including their sites.

  9. Can you help me build my site?

  10. Sorry, my busy schedule does not allow for this, however I'll still give you a few pointers. I learned to build sites all by myself, so I believe you should be able to learn on your own as well. You really don't need to take a "webmastering" class for this stuff ;). The best place for getting a good, easy start at building websites (in my opinion) is geocities.yahoo.com. They have their own free site building program called PageBuilder, which is very easy to use. After you master PageBuilder, you'll be able to move on to more "advanced" things, such as writing HTML directly. (HTML really isn't "advanced", it's easy! But I strongly suggest that you start out with a program first).

  11. A). May I link to your site?
    B). May I SAVE your stuff on my hard drive?
    C). Is the stuff on this site free to download?

  12. Yes / Of course.

  13. What programs were used for making this site?

  14. We're not using any programs, it is all handwritten code. Well, unless you're counting Notepad or TextEdit, then yes, we use those.

  15. I see you have a lot of pictures of Yoshi toys. Tell me, where did you get those?!

  16. I don't have every Yoshi toy shown on my site; I only have a few. But you can find lots of similar Yoshi toys on eBay. (Note: You need to be over 18 to bid on eBay).

  17. Do you accept fan-submitted music? I've got some really cool mp3's that I think you'll love

  18. NO! Please don't send me ANY music without asking me first. ESPECIALLY if the music you want to send has nothing to do with Yoshi. I'll always be happy to accept Yoshi music that I don't already have, but please don't send any other kind of music.

  19. I saw a product for sale at website "X" that appeared to be a YoshiArt product. Is this a genuine product, or is it a bootleg?

  20. We do not sell any products with our website's name/logo on it, nor have we ever authorized anyone to do so. If you came across such a product, it is most definitely a bootleg and is not authorized or endorsed by us in any way. Some of these websites even go as far as saying that these bootleg items are "licensed" or "official". This is a blatant lie and is not true in the least. I cannot and do NOT recommend purchasing these products.

  21. Do you have any images that I can use to link to your site?

  22. Yes, we have one. Feel free to link to it directly:

A Note From The Site's Founder

(By site founder, Soul):

This website is and has always been 100% dedicated to Yoshi, the cute little dinosaur character from Nintendo. Its purpose is to serve the Yoshi fan community and to create a place for Yoshi on the internet. Construction began in December 8, 2000, and was first opened to the public in February 18, 2001. On January 28, 2003 it was closed, but was revived in December 2003, and has remained open ever since. It has never been sponsored, affiliated, supported or controlled by Nintendo. It is a fan site, made by fans, for fans.

This website is rated PG-13. I kindly ask you to please treat it accordingly. Children are not allowed in the forums or in the gallery system.

Content notice: If you believe there is something on my site that belongs to you, and you'd like to see it removed, just email me. This is not very likely though, since I have always been careful not to take items that are marked as copyrighted.

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