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Yoshi Animated Cursors

These are animated cursors that you can use to replace your default mouse cursor. Below you can find instructions on how to do this. If you already know how to change system cursors then you may want to skip these instructions. It is very easy to change them.

Note: All of these cursors were made by the site's head admin. Please do not post them on other sites.

Step 1:
Go to My computer > Control Panel > Mouse, & then go to the "Pointers" tab.

Step 2:
Choose the cursor you'd like to replace (most likely the hourglass), then click Browse.
Now search for the Yoshi cursor you want. Important: Obviously, you have to unzip them first (extract them from the ZIP file). If for some reason your computer can't open ZIP files, try installing WinZip. Also, you must save the cursors in a folder that you know won't be deleted or renamed in the future, otherwise your cursors will stop working as soon as you rename, move, or delete that folder.

Step 3:
Now, on the "Pointers" tab, click on "save as". Save it as "Yoshi cursors" or anything you like, as long as it helps you identify them in the future. Now click "ok".

You're done!

Click here to download: cursors.zip - 17 cursors, 21.9 KB

The file cursors.zip contains all of the following animations in cursor form, plus a non-animated Yoshi hand:


Wii Zelda