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Site Credits
Names/nicknames of people who have helped:

The Site Admins

Soul is the Founder and Creator of YoshiArt.com. YoshiArt would not have existed without him. He maintained the entire site on his own from 2001-2006, after which assistant admin positions were given out. He remains part of the site as server administrator & technical supervisor. He wrote all of the main site's code (CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML), and currently keeps the system up to date and backed up. Due to Soul's general busy-ness, day-to-day maintenance of the site is now left to two others:

Mafioshi, is now responsible for updating and enhancing YoshiArt.com with fresh new content, adding to existing sections of the website and creating new sections. He also manages the Art Gallery section. (Mafioshi has since retired).

GameFreak38, who is now the Administrator for the Yoshi Art Forums, is responsible for managing said Forums, including choosing new Moderators and Global Moderators and writing new rules, as well as day-to-day maintenance of Forum sections. (GameFreak38 has since retired).

All three are partners in the YoshiArt Project, dedicated to the same mission: Making YoshiArt the very best home on the web for Yoshi fans everywhere!

Site Contributors

Many people have contributed to YoshiArt over the years, providing us with many new cartoons, comics, wallpapers, MP3s, etc., and also helping in other ways. Below is a list of as many of those names as we can remember. If you've contributed and your name isn't on here, please contact me, and we'll put it right!

Dino Dude- Dino Dude took care of the YoshiArt.com main site in Soul's continuing day-to-day absence in late 06' to mid 07'. He also contributed the first part of the rare Super Mario Anime. He took great pains in testing alternative forum systems, and in finding and testing forum converters. He has donated server space of his own, and also served as administrator at the forums for a time. During the Holiday Season of 06', he organized YoshiArt Forum's first (and hopefully not last) SECRET SANTA project, in which members of the forum were paired up, and were to exchange different forms of Gifts to each other. You can view all of the entries by clicking here.

Plebanshiren - Contributed screen shots of a rare Yoshi's Island Japanese comic

DaRedYoshi - Provided three beautiful wallpapers ('Bone Dwagon Pit', 'Love Peace & Happiness', and 'Rainforest') which he created himself from graphics he ripped from Yoshi's Story. Check them out in the Wallpaper Section.

PinkFloydYoshi - Helped greatly in finding tons of super-high-quality Yoshi images, provided emergency hosting, and wrote all the info in the games section before February 2005.

Mailtroid - Contributed with wallpapers and many mp3s, including all of the Yoshi's Story tracks.

Tim Boyd (Tim Yoshi) - Contributed with the Yoshi's Corner messageboard (no longer part of this site).

Link1986 (Markus) - Contributed with the German version of the site (now offline).

Ariel Gamelin - Contributed with the French version of the site (now offline). Website

Bryan Mulheran- Provided the medium-quality Super Mario World episodes, and screenshots of his "Yoshi Jet".

Joshua Schneider, Kim Johnsen, Shez - Provided several mp3s.

Leoshi - Provided his SSBM tribute videoclip.

S. Miller - Provided high-quality versions of the Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario Bros Super Show episodes.

Zerchy - Provided high-quality versions of the Super Mario World episodes.

Yoshigod - Provided his time attack videoclips, and a few others.

Luigimario17 - Provided his "Mario and Luigi" font.

Anddo- Donated 24 scans of two Super Mario World comics from the magazine "Nintendo Power".

Mystic Yoshi- Donated several scans of a rare Japanese Super Mario Kun comic book.

PALDg21- Contributed with 3 wallpapers. Website

JDyoshi- provided the complete set of the Yoshi's Island mp3s from the SNES game.

Karinda Yosheru, Rob, Anjil, Teh Yoshi, Yoshirby, Toshi, Norby, Yesha, and Yapi - Contributed by giving permission to post their wonderful art.

Please, email me if I forgot about you! I don't have a perfect memory.
All contributors can request the placement of a link to their sites within this page.

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